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Game Assignments

Referee Tools

  1. Master Schedule

    1. listing all games in CHSS and for those CHSS teams participating in SAY North games
    2. organized by field
    3. PLEASE NOTE: each referee knows the fields associated with their district. Please stick to your district's games unless directed by a referee coordinator to do otherwise. Do not poach game assignment from districts other than your own.
    4. Please use the Dropdown Field in the Officials ("Ofl") column to request an assignment.
    5. You can delete a request using the same Dropdown Field. Simply return the game to "Unassigned"
  2. Officials Area

    1. Please note your General Availability.
      1. leaving the table blank tells the system you are available all the time.
      2. click in each block to signify when you are available.
      3. Please keep this regularly updated so the system doesn't keep you from seeing games you might otherwise want to work.
    2. Game Assignment Schedule
      1. Please check this regularly as new assignments from your coordinator will appear here.
      2. Please be sure to confirm those assignments you would like to keep by using the dropdown field to the right
      3. You can link this to your iPhone or Android phone using the Options menu in the upper right
  3. District Referee team websites

    1. Accessed from the Referees menu above, this is the central hub of referee communication for the district and for the league. 
    2. Includes:
      1. Referee Coordinator contacts
      2. News Blog
      3. Roster of District Referees