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Cincinnati Hills SAY Soccer referees are expected to review and adhere to the "Points-of-Emphasis" document that lays out specific league policies and expectations.
Below is the text of the points-of-emphasis in addition to a PDF link (simply click on the title below) which you can download at your convenience.



CHSS Referee “Points of Emphasis”



1) New Head Ball and Kickoff Rules:

  • 8U, 10U & 12U are Not Permitted to Head the Ball
  • No player is permitted to purposely “head the ball”
  • Re-start is an indirect kick from the spot of the offense
  • If a player ‘heads the ball” unintentionally, signal “play on”
  • Kickoffs can now be directly passed backwards on the first touch of the kickoff. The ball doesn't have to move forward.


2) Small-Sided Format:

  • (8U) - 6v6 (Minimum number on team to play is 4 players)
  • (10U) - 8v8 (Minimum number on team to play is 5 players)
  • (12U) - 9v9 (Minimum number on team to play is 6 players)
  • (14U) - 11v11 (Minimum number on team to play is 7 players)
  • (16U & 19U) - 8v8 (Minimum number on team to play is 5 players)


3) Soccer Ball Sizes:

- 8U size 3

- 10U size 4

- 12U size 4

- 14U+ size 5


4) Game Times and Structure: (all 2 ref systems)

  • 8U (x4 quarters, 10 minutes each quarter, change sides every half)
  • 10U (x2 halves, 24 minutes each halves, change sides every half)
  • 12U (x2 halves, 30 minutes each half, change sides every half)
  • 14U (x4 quarters, 15 minutes each quarter, change sides every quarter)
  • 16U & 19U (x4 quarters, 20 minutes each quarters, change sides every quarter)

5) Roster Checks:

  • Coaches can ONLY request roster checks prior to the start of the game (kick-off). Referees may conduct roster checks at any point in the game…but not at the request of the coach. Your referee assignor will be instructing you to conduct roster checks periodically…to be conducted prior to kick-off.
  • Step 1: Politely ask the coach for his/her roster prior to kick-off and let the coach know that you have been instructed to conduct a roster check for this game by either the league or coach of the opposing team
  • Step 2: Have the players line up on the sideline or an open area facing you
  • Step 3: Have each player come forward and identify him/herself, their birthdate, home address and telephone number
  • If a player is not listed on the roster, the player is not permitted to play and the team will automatically forfeit the game. The game, however, will be played without the offending player as we do not want to penalize the other players. Please report this to your referee coordinator thatsame day.
  • Failure for a coach to show a roster automatically results in a game forfeit. Allow the game to play and report this to your referee coordinator that same day.


6) Pre-Game:

  • Referees must get to the field and begin conducting their pre-game 20 minutes prior to kick-off time.
  • Check the field for any safety issues (holes, goals are securely anchored, etc.).
  • If the goals are not securely anchored, ask the home coach to fix it. Do not start the game until the goals are securely anchored and cannot be blown over in the wind.
  • Introduce yourself to the other referee and decide who is handling time and which side of the field you will each be taking. Also discuss any pertinent preferences you may have regarding your referee style as well as any perspective you may have on the team playing style, etc. from previous matches that may help you both be better prepared to officiate the game.
  • Introduce yourself to the coaches and get your money from the home coach.
  • Blow your whistle for the player check-in 5 minutes before game time.
  • Conduct the check-in (ensuring player safety). Introduce yourself. Be polite. Have fun!
  • Conduct the coin toss (home team calls the toss).
  • Get the game ball from the home team coach and place it on the kick-off mark.
  • Take your positions on the field.
  • Signal to the keepers and make sure that all the players are ready.
  • Trail referee blows the kick-off whistle.


7) Time Management:

  • All games need to be played to their full allotted times.
  • End of quarter or half whistle: Referees are encouraged to allow for the natural completion of play when time runs out at the end of a quarter or half. Time does not have to be called at the precise time it runs out...referees may allow a few seconds for the play to complete itself. Example; allow the corner kick to be taken in full vs. stopping the game while the ball is in the air. Time management is at the referee’s full discretion and may not be questioned by coaches, players and/or spectators.


8) Lightning/Thunder Policy:

  • At either the sound of thunder OR sight of lighting, games will be immediately stopped and fields need to be cleared of all participants (coaches, players, referees and spectators).
  • Games may be restarted 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sight of lightning.


9) Appearance:

  • All referees must wear the appropriate uniform…this includes referee socks and black shoes. A sloppy appearance will not inspire confidence or respect from coaches and/or players. Shirts must be tucked in. This is a paid position and you need to dress appropriately.


10) Casts and Earrings:

  • Any player with a cast and/or any type of jewelry (earrings, rings, rubber bracelets, etc.) is not permitted to play. No exceptions. Knee braces, etc. (no metal showing) are allowed.


11) Spectator Management:

  • Do not confront spectators. Always work through the coach. Stop the game, if necessary, to talk to the coach and re-start the game once the situation has been resolved.


12) 10U Level “Rules” Clarification:

  • Please note that pass-backs to the goalkeeper from players on his/her team are allowed at the 10U Level. In addition, a goalkeeper, having released the ball into play, may touch the ball again with his/her hands before it has been touched or played by another player.

13) Number of Coaches Permitted on Sideline During Matches:

  • Only one Head Coach and two Assistant Coaches are Permitted on the Sideline During Matches.  If there are more than 3 coaches on the sideline, the referee's are required to remove any additional coaches.