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Just a few things that might help make the process of coordinating your referees easier:



If your referees are having trouble logging in to the CHSS website officials area, check the following things first.

  • Does the minor referee have an email address (used as username in the system) that is different from their parent or sibling referees? 
    • Each referee must have a unique email address and hence a unique username. 
    • The parent or you can edit it from them in their Member Profile.
      • Do a Member Lookup and click on the referee's name to pull up their profile in edit mode. Edit the email and click Submit.
  • Have they forgotten their password and need help resetting it?
    • Have them put their email (username) in the username field and leave the password field BLANK. 
    • The system will send an email with a link and instructions to their username email address. If they do not have a unique email address from their family members, this will not work. Solve the email problem before resetting the password.
    • Have them walk through the process of resetting their password then log back in.

If there is any other difficulty, please let me know immediately so we can solve the problem.



If you are expecting to find a particular referee in your district referee team (use the Referees tab, Referee Teams, then the dropdown field to find your district team) and they are not listed, please email me immediately so we can get it fixed. 

If you are expecting to see a particular referee in the lists of eligible referees when you are trying to assign referees to a game and they are not there, email me immediately so we can solve the problem.



If you have referees who did not undergo certification this season, they must attend the final certification class. Mike Combs is working on scheduling it now. We will notify you when we have a date & time.

You are responsible for getting your uncertified referees to that class. If they do not attend and remain uncertified, they will be removed from the system and will not be eligible to referee any CHSS or SAY North games for CHSS teams.



You can email eligible referees outside your district by using the Email Members tool:

  • Admin / Members / Email Members
  • click the appropriate level of referee needed in the Position area
    • Referee - $20 for U8 games
    • Referee - $25 for U10 and U12 games
    • Referee - $30 for U14, U16 and U19 games
  • Click Find Members at the bottom of the screen
  • Complete the compose form and click Send



From your District Referee Team website (Referees tab, Referee Teams, dropdown box to select your district) you can more easily communicate with your eligible referees. There are three methods:

  1. Email Individually by using the email link within the roster page
  2. Email the entire team by using the Options / Email Team system from the roster page.
  3. Post a News item to the front page of your team website (using the green plus sign at the top of the news area of your team website).
    • Fill in the Author and Email address area so your recipients can reply directly to you should they have questions
    • Give it a Publish date and, if you want to have it disappear automatically on a particular date, give it an expiration date as well
    • Give it a Title and type your note into the word processing area.
    • The system will choose the recipient team (it will be your district referee team)
    • If you click Submit it will post your note to the district referee website. 
    • If you click the checkbox next to Broadcast message the system will post it to the website and email it to the members of your roster. You determine when, to whom and whether or not to include text messages in the broadcast. Click Submit and it will go out to everyone on your roster.



Please do not schedule referees outside the system. We all need to see where our problem games are so they we can all help each other find referees to officiate those games. The idea here is to allow the kids playing soccer in CHSS to play their scheduled games. We can't do that without certified referees and we must verify that our referees are certified to referee in our league. And, we can't know where our problematic games are if they are not in the system. 

If you are scheduling referees outside the system because your referee candidates are not in the system, please contact me immediately so we can figure out why and if those referees are indeed eligible to referee within CHSS. If they are not, let's try to find a solution for that as well.

There is no reason to do this alone. The system and our team of referee coordinators provide a wealth of resources to help make this task easier. Please use those resources.



If you have questions about using the system please contact me immediately so we can provide you with answers. We are here to make this job easier for you. Please reach out if you need anything. Email is best as you can provide me with names and details in an email that may not stay in my head from a verbal conversation.


Thank you,

Dave Menker
CHSS President